We’re Stephen and Sara. This is our home.

Ten years ago, Stephen bought a caving in shell of a house in the Catskills. It was sold as a buildable lot, and the realtor suggested the house be torn down.

That’s not what happened.

After removing the refuse and debris left in the house, Stephen gutted the house to the studs, reinforced and rebuilt the framing, and began the long process of rebuilding this 200 year old home. A new roof, lots of insulation, new windows, new electric, new plumbing, and new heating all went in.

But the house didn’t lose its historical charm. Along the way, we have salvaged as much as possible and replaced in-kind all that we could. The living room used to be a woodshed that was clad in leftover beadboard–so, the living room walls now sport beadboard! There are several original doors, exposed beams, and we even built some of the original plank flooring and floor joists for furniture.

We love this house, and we love that we have saved it for future families. We are excited to help this house find its next family as we start the next chapter of our own adventure.

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